PHONE:  03 9700 7666

Staff Specialist - Alfred Hospital

Academic Teaching Associate – Monash University

Medical Specialist – Cabrini Hospital

PhD Candidate – Monash University


Dr Louisa Chou is a senior staff specialist at the Alfred Hospital.  Dr Chou was awarded her MBBS with Honours at Monash University and after graduating has worked in several large tertiary hospitals including Royal Melbourne Hospital, Box Hill Hospital and the Alfred Hospital. She is currently completing her PhD with Monash University and has authored 16 publications in internationally peer-reviewed journals examining low back pain, osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis and osteoporosis. A particular area of interest has focused on patients’ perceived needs for health information, health services and non-medical services for musculoskeletal disorders.  Her research has been presented at several prestigious international and national conferences.  Dr Chou is also a sub-investigator for several clinical trials for Monash University.  In addition to clinical and research roles, Dr Chou enjoys teaching undergraduate medical students, postgraduate Epidemiology and Biostatistics subjects and supervises training doctors. 

Dr Chou’s main interests are inflammatory arthritis, connective tissue disorders, osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal disorders. She also understands the importance of patient-centred care and strives to provide personalised care.


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Dr Louisa Chou