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​​Arthritis and Rheumatology Centre

Dr Michelle Papandony


Consultant Rheumatologist

The Alfred Hospital
St Vincent’s Hospital
The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital


Dr Michelle Papandony is a senior specialist at three tertiary hospitals including the Alfred Hospital, St Vincent’s Hospital and the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital.


Dr Michelle Papandony has published several research papers in leading international peer-reviewed journals, which have been presented at international conferences. She has been a contributing author to medical textbooks, authoring chapters relating to rheumatological conditions. 


Dr Michelle Papandony obtained her medical degree at Monash University, finishing with honours. She obtained a scholarship to attend Oxford University in England for her medical elective. She subsequently completed her Rheumatology training at The Alfred Hospital and St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne.


Dr Michelle Papandony has interests in many key areas of rheumatology including inflammatory joint disease, connective tissue disease, vasculitis, osteoarthritis and gout. She sees patients with mechanical and non-inflammatory musculoskeletal pain. She is experienced in the use of rheumatology medications, including disease modifying agents and biological agents.


Dr Michelle Papandony’s main goal is ensuring that you understand your medical condition and the treatment options available to you. In partnership with you, she will develop a plan that is about your quality of life.



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